2017/326 View from the office.

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2017/323 I went for a walk today, exploring some of the hills surrounding Basel. There is still some colour in the trees. About 16km walked today if you believe my Fitbit. #teampixel

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2017/320 Tree and Bench.

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2017/319 View from the Tower

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2017/317 Good morning from Gatwick Airport North Terminal bridge. In shot, @virginatlantic 747, @cathaypacific 787, @british_airways 777, tail of @tuiuk 787, amongst others.

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2017/316 Richmond Park

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2017/315 England vs Argentina. Not the most brilliant game of rugby, but an England win.

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2017/314 There’s something very satisfying about setting a BSOD in a public place.

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2017/312 A little stroll out from the office.

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2017/308 I walked to Germany today, mainly along the Wiese. Such a gorgeous walk.

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