2017/252 Last Night of the Proms

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2017/244 Queueing for a tribute to Stax – with Jools Holland

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2017/242 Volksfest.

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2017/240 Nephew.

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2017/231 Paint the sky.

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2017/239 Behind my parents’ house is a field around which we are permitted to walk. Today it was rolled, presumably ahead of getting a winter crop in later this week.

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2017/238 A day out in Richmond and Richmond Park with mummy and daddy of Reevery.

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2017/230 When the boss is away, everyone else is too. I had the office to myself. (For the record, we had people at other desks in the building)

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2017/229 Another Prom: Saint-Saëns Organ Symphony. I thought I’d try a different angle to the Royal Albert Hall.

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2017/236 Cocktail Making Class. #teamEXASOL #teampixel #nofilter

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