2017/17 Not feeling myself. Going out in the sunshine partly makes up for this.

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2017/15 Back at Worcester Cathedral for more depping. I’ve had a lovely day including some Howells; now for the arduous train journey back.

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2017/14 A bit of cat therapy.

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2016/13 Friday 13th. Arriving at Kings Cross on my way back from Leeds. This is very beautiful.

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2017/12 At the beginning of this week, I was not expecting to have ticked off to new airports (SOU and LBA), and have a drink with some very good friends.

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2017/11 Stress Balls. Still Life.

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2017/10 A dull day in London. Within 48 hours of being back home, I have lapsed back into a stressed and unhappy state of mind. Never mind, Qatar have a sale on this week…

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2017/9 A bit of a dull shot, but I finally have blinds in my bedrooms! It’s only taken six months since the old ones were taken down!

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2017/8 Not much to choose from today, as it has been a short day mostly on aeroplanes. We left Dallas over 4 hours late, so by the time I reached Paris I was in need of refreshing. One of the perks of travelling so much is that I can access lounges, so a shower in the Cathay Pacific lounge was just what I needed. Plus the good is good!

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2017/7 A day in transit in Dallas, so I took the opportunity to head out to the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden. Unusually, Dallas had snow yesterday, and the evidence of the freeze is still around. My flight back to Paris is over 4 hours late, which afforded me more time to explore the areas of Dallas which I missed in October.

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