2017/191 Good morning from #theQueue at @wimbledon!

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2017/184 I’ll tell you what’s cool. Seeing a Qatar Airways A320 at Heathrow. Seeing all the way through the gap between T2A and T2B (I’m sure the old T1 building has only just gone). Oh, and being in 1F. Thanks @british_airways!

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2017/183 (backdated) Blueberries are a’comin.

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2017/182 (backdated) Stag Weekend continues in a pub

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2017/181 Stag Weekend starts at the pub.

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2017/175 (backdated) Fantastic new curtains made by my wonderful mum!

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2017/186 @exasolag #Xperience2017

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2017/185 My photobooth photo from #Xperience2017. It’s a little weird.

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2017/173 BBQ in the park.

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2017/171 Back in this place again. Lovely and cool.

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