2017/295 Back at @nfluk For my second @laramscenter home game in 3 weeks.

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2017/285 A new airline and two new airports to tick off. This is Long Beach, CA.

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2017/286 I love the street car collection in San Francisco. It’s like a moving museum.

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2017/284 Empire of the Sun at #data17

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What a night to be at the T-Mobile Arena. @vegasgoldenknights opening night, amazing tribute to #VegasStrong and some #CirqueDuSoleil #VegasBorn

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2017/283 #DevsOnStage #Data17

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2017/263 U-bahn in Nürnberg

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2017/266 Back in Birmingham for a rehearsal.

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2017/274 NFL UK. Saints @ Dolphins. A bit of a dull game in the end. I love the diversity of jerseys.

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2017/277 An excellent intermission on my way to the US. Immigration in Dublin Airport, exit row seat (in Economy), 787, and AA Flagship Lounge in Chicago.

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